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Sangeeta Raichand
Founder - Owner - Chef

Mehr Raichand



Lazeez Is All about God's faithfulness.

Lazeez Flavors of India is your dining destination. Located conveniently in the Village Crossing Mall, we provide fresh, quality, Indian food. Founder & Owner, Sangeeta Raichand developed the concept of Lazeez, which means "delicious", in early 2013. Ms. Raichand was a commendable instructor to countless amounts of students, teaching them the art of Indian cuisine. During her time teaching her students, she decided to further her passion for culinary arts and opened her own restaurant. Lazeez Flavors of India, has been open for nearly two years and continues to amaze all those who love authentic Indian flavors. Ms. Raichand has changed the perception of Indian food in her Midwestern community. Now Lazeez' consumers know that Indian food does not have to be all about spice, but it should be known for the incredible flavors that come with each spoonful. 

Ms. Raichand has a daughter, Mehr who is her partner in the restaurant. They are known as the mother daughter team through out Michigan. Mehr worked alongside Ms. Raichand from the early beginnings, watching and learning. Her business skills, and customer service constantly wins the hearts of the customers at Lazeez. 

If you get the chance to speak to either mother-daughter duo, they will tell you that the true owner of Lazeez is Jesus, all they do is work for Him.

Ms. Raichand has constantly proven herself through out her years in business. Alongside their restaurant, the mother daughter team are truly entrepreneurial and they are currently working on a sustainability business model which will help other women, and single parents to become entrepreneurs and businessmen and businesswomen. 

Be sure to check out Lazeez Flavors of India-

It's not only a restaurant, it's a mission. 

God Bless,

The Lazeez Team



Sangeeta & Mehr Raichand